I want to share myself and why I created my shop. I love helping others and creating feelings of comfort, joy, grounding, and acceptance in others. I love making people feel at home within themselves. Sometimes I forget to give myself the love I give to others and which is why I like the idea of “pampering yourself”. I know so many of us work so hard and give so much of ourselves daily that we can all forget sometimes to give ourselves the love we deserve. With Pampered Hippie I want people to remember to love themselves and to love others. To spread this love we need to remember to love ourselves and I love doing what I can to help people to not forget this. With this, know that every personal hand written note, any little item I put inside your boxes, every interaction,  I am giving you a tiny piece of my love and myself. I hope that every little piece you receive helps you to feel love in your life and within yourself. I hope that you can take these to spread the love to yourself and others.