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Root Chakra Bath Bomb


The Root chakra controls our basic needs, security, and safety. This chakra provides the foundations on which we live our life.

Imbalanced energy: Excessive negativity, cynicism, Eating disorders, Greed, avarice, Illusion, & Excessive feeling of insecurity, living on survival mode constantly.

To help balance and activate your chakra the essential oils patchouli and cypress have been chosen to help you. Inside is a Red Jasper tumble! Each bath bomb will be provided with guided info sheet to help you set an intention for your bath and crystal, along with information on the essential oils & crystal!
Contains hibiscus flowers inside

Want your bath bomb reiki charged to activate and amplify its energy? Add the "Reiki Charge My Order" listing to your cart and I will reiki charge your entire order! By charging with reiki I can act as a channel to provide cleansing, protection, and balance to the item. This bath bomb would be charged with Cho Ku Rei.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, avocado oil, cream of tartar, patchouli essential oil, cypress essential oil, poly 80, mica, & biodegradable glitter.

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Root Chakra Bath Bomb
100% Vegan
Made with love in CA
Recycled Packaging
Palm Free
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