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Pastel Yin Yang Bracelet

"Everything in the universe exists in opposition. Everything is both cyclical and constant, revolving in an infinite cycle of energy, or Chi (Qi). The black swirl, the Yin, is associated with femininity, receptivity, and the moon. The white swirl, the Yang, represents the sun, growth, and passion.

There is a black dot in the white spiral and a white dot in the black spiral – these small circles remind us that everything contains the seed of its opposite, and that nothing is absolute. In all Yang, there is Yin, and in all Yin, exists Yang. The symbol represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of these two symbiotic forces."

These 6mm crystal bracelets come in rose quartz, amethyst, & blue lace agate!

Blue Lace Agate- Activation & healing the throat chakra allows free expression of thoughts & feelings. Removes blockages. Promotes good communication by counteracting suppressive feelings, fear of public speaking, & speaking too much.

Rose Quartz-True essence of love, purifies, & opens the heart. Brings deep inner healing & self love. Calming stone good for trauma. Helps express emotions. Stone for the Heart Chakra.

Amethyst-Balances & connects the physical, mental, & emotional bodies. Cleanses the aura & transmutes negative energy. Relieves physical, emotional, & psychological pain. Boosts intuition opening the third eye.

If you would like to reiki charge your bracelet, add on the "Reiki Charge My Order" listing at check out!

Comes with an intention sheet for you to set an intention for your bracelet before wearing!
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100% Vegan
Made with love in CA
Recycled Packaging
Palm Free
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