Shower Fizzer Small Pack (3)

  • Shower Fizzer Small Pack (3)
  • Shower Fizzer Small Pack (3)
  • Shower Fizzer Small Pack (3)
  • Shower Fizzer Small Pack (3)
  • Shower Fizzer Small Pack (3)

Don’t know which shower fizzer set you want to get? Try out 3 with this sampler pack! All infused with essential oils, no fragrances that cause migraines & headaches! ** THESE ARE NOT BATH BOMBS**

Water activation causes essential oil to release into shower steam for you to inhale and receive the health benefits. Instructions included! *NOT FOR BATHS, showers only*

Each bag comes with small crystals & dried flowers. Assorted sets: please write your top 5 scents you’d like to try!

Please note that often times Shower Fizzers are made to order. Please allow extra time for orders placed with shower fizzers.

Helps with anxiety, restlessness, & sleep. May also help with depression, mood swings, stress, & relaxation to be able to concentrate. Relieves headaches and migraines.

Good for clearing the sinuses when congested or issues with asthma. Steam inhalation can help with immunity and stopping a cold. This blend of rosemary, eucalyptus & ylang ylang helps clear the sinuses while uplifting the mind & keeping alert.

Lemon Eucalyptus
Calms inflammation of nasal passages, clear sore throat, sinusitis & helps with asthma. Promotes Well-being & opens inner space when we are overwhelmed or constricted by the environment. Helps with concentration!

Sleepy Time
This blend of lavender, Cedarwood & ylang ylang
is perfect right before bed! These essential oils will help you to unwind & relax. Great for relieving anxiety & sleep issues, such as, insomnia.

This blend of lavender, jasmine & sandalwood help to uplift your mood! Great for meditation as well!

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, essential oil, & topped with biodegradable glitter.

*Do not use shower fizzers as Bath Bombs. They contain a higher concentration of essential oils that you should not bathe in*

*INTERNATIONAL ORDERS* please read the international orders section on my site before purchasing!


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