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Self-Love Crystal Bundle

  • Self-Love Crystal Bundle
  • Self-Love Crystal Bundle
  • Self-Love Crystal Bundle

This crystal & herb bundle is made specifically for those that are in need of self-worth, confidence, & more love towards yourself overall. This sachet intends to help to attract positive people & helps you get ready for change. You and your partner, friend, or anyone can do this ritual with you. It can bring a bonding & meditative experience for you both. This is a great ritual to for you to incorporate into your life to create a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. Each bundle comes with a pink chime candle that represents love, attraction, self-love, beauty, friendship, affection & gentleness. A guided infosheet will be included with each bundle. Tips on how to set intention & how to turn this into a little ritual for you!

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, & Rhyolite.

Spell Herbs: Lavender, rose, jasmine & other varietals. Great for a bath, mojo bag, or even a drawer freshener!

These stones help you to have a successful love, dissolve feelings causing stress, & to help make changes for a healthy relationship. These stones encourage honesty, compassion, & harmony.


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