Essential Oil Add on

  • Essential Oil Add on

3ml bottle of essential oil for your lava beads! Perfect to bring on the go as well!

Will be offering blends soon!


-Patchouli: Grounding, deepening, connecting to the environment. Reduces anxiety & may help with fevers, headaches, nausea, decongestant. Balances the base chakra.

-Eucalyptus: Calms inflammation of nasal passages, clear sore throat, sinusitis & helps with asthma. Promotes Well-being & opens inner space when we are overwhelmed or constricted by the environment.

-Lemon eucalyptus: (see above for eucalyptus) Uplifting to your mood and spirit. Also helps with concentration and alertness.

-Cedarwood: Calming, centering & grounding. Reaching higher illumination & spirit. Helps with tension.

-Orange verbena: Calming & uplifting to the mind & body. Antidepressant; Helps with anxiety, fear, nervousness.

-Tea tree: Promotes cleansing & purity. Helps w/ colds, coughs, flu, immune system, inflammation, sore throat & tonsillitis.

-Lavender: Helps with anxiety, Insomnia, depression, stress, withdrawal, grief, & hyperactivity. Promotes love & peace.

-Rosemary: Opens a sleeping third eye chakra; inner sight, intuition, & harmony with nature. Drives away evil spirits.

-Jasmine: Emotional balance. Promotes inspirational relationships. Produces confidence, energy, euphoria, & optimism. Reduce stress anxiety, apathy, depression, indifference, listlessness & relationship dilemmas.

-Rose: Balancing, promotes well-being, gentle & unconditional love. It also helps with headaches, anxiety, menstrual cramps, & can act as an aphrodisiac. It boosts confidence; stimulates & elevates the mind.

-Lemongrass: Promotes awareness & purification. Helps purify airborne bacteria & pollution. Also helps w/ mental fatigue.

-Grapefruit: Balances & uplifts the mind. Helps relieve anxiety, stress, withdrawal, PMS, hangovers, & eating disorders.

-Sage: Strengthening & Relaxing. Emotionally uplighting & can bring euphoria. Promotes clarity in times of confusion. Helps with cramps, emotional stress, insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes, & PMS. Balances the solar plexus chakra.


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