Image of Cedarwood 4/20 Shower Fizzers

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Cedarwood 4/20 Shower Fizzers

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Comes with small adventurine, opalite & tourmaline Quartz crystals.

Shower fizzers are used while showering. When water hits the fizzer essential oil is released into the shower steam for you to breathe in. Inhaling essential oils is one of the ways you can safely receive the benefits from them.

-Cedarwood Essential oil-
Helps to have more strength & stamina on your spiritual path. Calming, centering & grounding. Reaching higher illumination and spirit.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, Cedarwood essential oil, topped with biodegradable glitter & vegan mica.

*Do not use shower fizzers as Bath Bombs. They contain a higher concentration of essential oils that you should not bathe in*