Butterfly Bracelets

  • Butterfly Bracelets
  • Butterfly Bracelets

These bracelets make a great gift for someone special for valentine's day or even to just treat yourself! All made with genuine crystal beads & silver butterfly charms. (Reflective beads are made of glass)

Rose Quartz- True essence of love, purifies, & opens the heart. Brings deep inner healing & self love. Calming stone good for trauma. Helps express emotions. Stone for the Heart Chakra.

Honey Calcite- Stone of confidence, boosts energy & optimism. Can energetically cleanse your space. It is an amplifier of energies, especially helpful when reiki charged! Stimulates the solar plexus increasing feelings of self-worth & courage.

If you would like to reiki charge your bracelet, add on the "Reiki Charge My Order" listing at check out!

Comes with an intention sheet for you to set an intention for your bracelet before wearing!


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